The movement of science

By the art critic, Alexandre Motulsky-Falardeau

Éric Dupont was born scientist, but he became a painter. This maybe explains the idea behind his paintings. An attempt to create a new movement, as science must invent theories. This movement, he calls it dualism.

Etymologically, dualism is a « belief or thought system which, in a given area, poses the coexistence of two first principles, opposite and irreducible. » Moreover, we can say that it is defined as « the nature of which has two separate elements, opposite and complementary. »

Not to forget the metaphysical dualism in philosophy; the ontological and platonist, gnostic and manichean; Pascal’s dualism and, obviously, the Cartesian one.

If Descartes created the dualism of body and soul. Eric Dupont will perhaps create the dualism of the infinitely large and the infinitely small regarding painting. At least that is the challenge he took on. > Read more