Discovering the infinitely large

Infinitely large : Greater than us, it’s for the common man an infinite source of fascination, which Éric Dupont feeds with his series Origin, Galaxies and Milky Way.

Galaxies, the moon, the sun, stars, planets, space. How is it be possible not to feel dizzy faced with the full extent of this excess? Grasping the immensity encompassed by the infinitely large is extremely complex for the neophyte. The stars, the sky and space in their most global sense have always been a source of fascination for the common man, in an almost obsessive goal to unravel the mystery of all this vastness. Cosmology, the study of stellar evolution and stars, as well as astronomy, the oldest science, are all fundamental disciplines directing us towards a better understanding of the universe.

The innovative and creative intellectual efforts of our talented ancestors have made possible the conquest of space and have allowed us to observe beauty of a spatial nature.

Today, with technology in constant effervescence, the observation of the infinitely large is made available to us through different types of telescopes, lenses and satel-lites. These technological tools provide guidance and encourage the exploration of space, leaving us stunned and amazed at the extraordinary phenomena of a constantly expanding universe.

Through his work, Éric brings you into the very diversified and inspiring world of the infinitely large, presented in the form of three series: the “Origin” series, the “Galaxies” series and the “Milky Way” series.