Artist profile

The Dualistic painter
Man of many passions and fascinated by the world of microscopy, his professional foundation, Éric Dupont, doctor in physiology-endocrinology, debuted oil painting in 1995. Through his works, Éric Dupont wishes to raise awareness about the many and extraordinary aspects of the infinitely small and the infinitely large, two worlds at the origin of life. Loving to take risks, following his instinct and getting involved in various projects throughout his life, Eric Dupont gave himself a unique challenge which he carried off brilliantly during the production of each of its series: showing the duality of life.

Art, science and transcendence
Éric Dupont, doctor in physiology-endocrinology, produced several previous collections, which led him to the premise of a new movement called dualism. Two themes emerged from it: the infinitely large (Origin, Milky Way and galaxies) and the infinitely small (Cells, Origin, neurons), where he practices to represent the unseen world and the macroscopic micros.

Over the past 20 years, he has significantly refined his expertise in painting, hitting the climax of his sophistication in the recent years. The artist is motivated by the desire to create a new movement: dualism. As stated by artist Janick Laberge in her master’s thesis in visual arts: “In artistic representation, dualism reflects the duality of elements found in nature, in the mind and in the human condition.”

Eric wants to transmit what he learned, communicate his interest in science and give everyone the desire to let his passions live and in that way moving towards a state of transcendence. Transcendence indicates an idea of passing or crossing, located beyond the perceptible and possibilities of the intelligible.

« Le danger n’est pas de viser trop haut et de rater la cible, mais de viser trop bas et de l’atteindre. (The danger is not to aim too high and miss the target, but to aim too low and reach it.) »

Michel Ange


Science as a creative tool
Science is at the heart of its creation and gives him an artistic niche and a unique practice among his peers.

“ I am a scientist who makes art. If I had not been a scientist, I wouldn’t have done anything else; I am convinced that I would not have succeeded in the world of art. Art is my extension to science. This is my unique subject. ”

Éric Dupont


A path of excellence
We first recognize Éric Dupont, doctor in physiology-endocrinology, for his journey as a passionate scientist and businessman at the head of Immanence Dermo Correction (IDC) company. He holds a doctorate in physiology endocrinology from Laval University, a fellowship in neuro-endocrinology at the University of Montreal as well as two certificates, one in administration and one in corporate management. Having a desire to contribute to the scientific community, he cumulated nine patents in the fields of oncology, dermatology, endocrinology, cosmetics and nutrition. He also produced thirty-five scientific publications regarding oncology, dermatology and endocrinology as well as seventy papers as author and co-author. In 2016, after developing four life sciences based companies in twenty-five years, totalizing a two billion dollar value, he left the business world to devote himself to his passions.

…« l’un des motifs les plus puissants qui ont conduit l’homme vers l’art et les sciences était celui d’échapper au quotidien. (One of the strongest motives that lead men to art and science is the will to escape from everyday life) »

Albert Einstein


John R. Porter, art historian, sums up the intriguing universe in which Dupont projects us: « Whether his head is with stars or his eye on a microscope, Éric Dupont invites us into his secret garden, which is at crossroads where art and science meet.

“ Each painting is indeed a pictorial territory that demands a pause, that we look at it from a distance and then closer, and in the end that we accept to get lost in the maze of thousand pigments spread on the canvas. ”

John R. Porter


Étienne Saint-Amant, master in sciences and technological art’s artist, Eric Dupont’s collaborator on various art projects, highlights how the artist masters in a unique way the meeting of the two dualities, art and science. He reveals how the creation in its immensity is structured and composed, uncannily, of elements of the same matter:

“ I always perceived the work of art as a window into the mind of the creative artist. The work of Eric Dupont demonstrates a fundamental understanding of nature, but also an unusual emotional and colorful registry. He is the observer of all scales; both to the scale of space and time. He offers an aesthetics emerging of the meeting between the a found order and an emotion to share. The artistic result is vibrant, energetic, emotional and timeless. ”

Étienne St-Amant


“ Dualism in visual representation is for me the reflection of nature’s and human condition’s duality. Éric Dupont’s work perfectly pairs up with the desire to celebrate the duality between science and art. The artist aims at an image transcription of his unsatisfiable passion for the world of science and nature. In that sens, our creative motivations are alike. ”

Dr Janick Laberge, MD, Bacc. and Master degree in visual arts


The Artist’s Mission
The artist’s mission is to transmit scientific knowledge through art. The latter being, according to him, an endless source of inspiration.

“ My mission is the transfer of knowledge by all kinds of means, and art is one of them. Like Leonardo da Vinci, a character who inspires me deeply, I love being in a constant state of learning and discovery. I want to leave my mark through my work, a marriage between science and art. ”

Éric Dupont


Eric wishes to inspire. Every individual can realize his full potential and live the life he always dreamed of. According to him, art has the ability to touch our soul and inspire us to such an extent that it exceeds the limits of the canvas itself to drive everyone to make his own life a masterpiece.

Eric DuPont has received numerous awards, including the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Award in 1995, the Genesis prize (Brio) in 2003, the Canadian Top 40 under 40 prize of the Caldwell Group in 1996, The 20th Century award for Achievement in Cambridge in the United States in 1999, the “Hermès” prize of the the Administration Faculty from Laval University in 2009, the “Grands diplômés” prize of Laval University – “Gloire de l’Escolle” medal, given to the graduate having shown remarkably during his career in 2012, and the arts and business prize – Patron of the Quebec Chamber of Commerce category in 2014, which prove to be a significant legacy brought to the scientific community and the business world on the international stage.

The man and his passions
Since childhood, Éric Dupont is involved in several areas he is passionate with, nature, martial arts, aviation, scuba diving, motorcycle, guitar and traveling.  profil-guitareInitiated to the arts and sciences by his aunt and uncle, these family figures conveyed their passion for these two areas, which meet in his artistic practice. profil-edupont-3He also began to collect works of art as soon as at the age of twenty-five. He now has over seventy works of Quebec’s greatest artists ranging from modern to contemporary art, including Jean McEwen, Stanley Cosgrove, Marc-Aurèle Fortin, Claude Le Sauteur, Marcelle Ferron, Serge Brunoni, René Richard, Albert Rousseau, John Little, Normand Hudon, Bruno Côté, and many others. Also found in the collection are two contemporary artists particularly appreciated by Eric, Dr. Janick Laberge and Étienne Saint-Amant.